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Outside the Box - Radio show sponsored by Sanctuary of Sacred Space
“Outside the Box” Internet radio show on Achieve Radio was hosted by Rev. Nancy Zilversmit for approximately 8 years. The format was to be of a different subject matter weekly that was chosen by Spirit along with stories about the daily adventures of interaction with Spirit by both Rev. Nancy and her guests. Listeners would call in or message in while stories are being shared and talk about their experiences, ask questions pertaining to the subject matter or request healing.
The main focus of her spiritual practice is that of both a spiritual healer and spiritual counselor. Areas of spiritual expertise are exorcism, past life, dream work, karmic work and spiritual gifts counseling. She teaches and prepares a person for the use of their spiritual/psychic gifts and keeping them clean and clear with purpose driven intention so they may move past obstacles in their life and to help people make that connection to Spirit.
Rev. Nancy Zilversmit is the Pastor of Sanctuary of Sacred Space an independent Spiritualist Church, which sponsored this radio show.